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Author, Poet, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Radio Host

Barbara Thompson

Lady Barbara library consists of seven books, two screen plays and one stage play. With her book of Poetry, she released a musical CD and wrote all the songs. She started her own magazine in 2009 with three limited editions called “The Whole Woman Within” titled after her third book.  Lady Barbara now introduces her eighth book, Forgiveness For Real.  She describes her writing as a hobby that evolved into a true talent, one that has taken her further than she could have ever imagined.  She is enjoying the journey as an Author.  As new books unfold she will continue to write.

Inspirational, motivational and passionate is how Lady Barbara can be described as she encourages and uplifts her audience through messages of hope and self-motivation.  Lady Barbara began speaking in the church which gave her a platform to be heard.  She has spoken at conferences and events for years along with book signings.  She was a dynamic radio host for some years as the co-host of “Me and My First Lady” as well as “Keeping it Real” with Dr. Rose Solomon.  Both were talk shows owned by Dr. Solomon a longtime friend.


Books by Lady Barbara Thompson

Forgiveness for Real by Barbara Thompson

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The Whole Woman Within

"The Whole Woman Within"

The Pastor's Wife & The Other Women

"The Pastor's Wife & The Other Women"

Healing After Divorce in the Kingdom

"Healing After Divorce in the Kingdom"

Why We Do The Things Our Mother's Did

"Why We do the Things Our Mother's Did"

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