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Never Sleep on your Dreamzzz... The House of Dreamz...

The House of Dreamz was established in 2017 by Minority woman as a family owned business. It is currently in operation in Orlando Fl. The Founders are Angela Ross, Erica Thompson and Barbara Thompson.

Our Mission for the House of Dreamz


Our Mission is to create an environment of enlightenment, where dreams and ideas can be  brought into reality. 



Believe, Dreamz do happen, Be inspired, Create your own reality...

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The Curve of Life Pregnancy Test

Coming Soon


Our Mission for The Curve of Life 


Our pregnancy test will allow expectant moms with a way to commemorate their pregnancy with a beautiful and sanitary keepsake.

"The curve of life was inspired through a dream given by God himself. It's as if he spoke to me straight out of the clouds. I was on my third pregnancy by now and who would've imagined that I would be dreaming of a pregnancy test? It was so different and unique from all other test i had ever seen. I shared the dream to my sister, and let's just say she took a hold of the vision and added a piece of her imagination which solved a lot of problems that other test don't - thus its shaped like us, its more sanitary, easier to read, and a keepsake, giving us The Curve of Life Pregnancy test." 

-Angela Ross, Co-Founder of The Curve of Life Pregnancy Test


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Inspiring women to dream and reaching beyond the sky.

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